Rabu, 20 April 2011

In my life seen so many (ifdo not want to to say the majority )blind love ... .

Well I think really when we love someone who applies is our feelings, whereas our logic does not work unwittingly stuck .... so do I ... ..^_^

But ... the time when we love belongs to someone (say a person's husband) .... if we can still close our eyes?

"Love does not make any money ... but we have the eyes of the heart"

Forms of love are like what destroy the happiness of others ... let alone destroy a bond which was sworn in his name .... what conscience can we endure?

Love may be blind, but hopefully our hearts do not come to be blind ... love that destroys the happiness of others is not love ... perhaps a cliche to say love do not have to have .... there is someone who once said to me .... Love is when you can let go with sincere people you love, even if someone you love with someone else not with you ....

equate love and possessive ... .. when love someone you will never be afraid to lose it, because your love is always stored even without him beside your heart ... .. but if it turned into a possessive love, you will continue to expect a reply of "love" you give .... ^ _ ^

But once again it is up to the players thought the incident ... every person is different and not my capacity to judge ... do you think is right .... is not of this world become beautiful because of the differences that exist hehehe ... ^ _ ^

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